Voter Resources

APRIL 2nd, 2024 SPRING VOTER GUIDE, click here.

If we don't vote, then all of our good work doesn't matter. So please inform yourself, grab a friend, and get to the polls!!

Who's on my ballot?

Find out who's on your ballot:

You can also see a sample of what your ballot will look like from the Brown County clerk:

Where do I vote?

Find your local polling location:

What are the requirements?

Generally speaking, you must provide proof of residence to register and proof of identity to vote. Your Wisconsin drivers license is a good method to use for both. More details are available from the Wisconsin Elections Commission:

So, who won?

Official election results for all local races in the county are available from the Brown County clerk:

What if I still have questions?

The best source for reliable election information is your local municipal clerk. You can find that office along with contact information from the MyVote website:

Additional resources:
Wisconsin Elections Commission
Spectrum News 1 (good site to watch on election night)


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