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Last Monday we had a successful rollout of the new Wisconsin “Bank Your Vote” Early Vote initiative; RPW Chairman Brian Schimming was joined by Congressman Derrick Van Orden and Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel in a nationwide press call. The message: Republicans are stepping up, big time, to take advantage of the state’s current early vote (EV) statues. Our “Bank Your Vote” effort has also been personally endorsed by Senator Ron Johnson as well as Congressmen Tom Tiffany, Glenn Grothman, Bryan Steil, Scott Fitzgerald, and Mike Gallagher. The website to sign up for the “Bank Your Vote” campaign is live; visit BANK YOUR VOTE

Why now? It’s simple: the law is on the books, and we can’t keep going into Election Day 200,000 votes down — and expect to make it up within 13 hours. An important statistic: we’ve had 11 statewide elections in the last 23 years that have been decided by 30,000 votes or less. Over the years, and certainly more so since the pandemic, people of all political stripes have adjusted toward voting early – and we need to have an effective, safe, and secure EV program to increase our numbers and win.

Even the Democrats have taken notice of RPW's growing effort. They know that when Republicans not only vote on Election Day, but maximize our early vote, the math doesn’t come out in their favor. Just last month, the state Democratic Chairman said “for a number of elections we’ve had this unusual advantage where the Republican Party was intentionally leaving tools on the table…Republicans are getting their act together.”

It’s a comprehensive effort: persuasion on the front end, voter registration, pushing early vote, “ballot chase,” — our efforts will include multiple methods including doors, email, calls, texts, social media digital efforts, among them — to maximize turnout.

The good news: we know how to do this, but it needs to be expanded dramatically to be candid. Why? Every nickel, dime, and dollar we can save by convincing “our voters” to vote early allows us to reallocate dollars to turning out “mid” or “low propensity,” independent, and “new” voters. It’s about growing and expanding our conservative base. This includes outreach and contacting communities large and small, senior centers, campuses, tech colleges, wherever voters may be – meeting them where they are.

The rollout naming Wisconsin the first state went really well. Some of the coverage can be seen here:

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