Republican Spring Primary

From the Chairman...

The Republican Party of Brown County operates under its Constitution and Code of Ethics.  Article VI calls for the creation of Committees, one of which is our Candidate Committee.  Our Candidate Committee meets at the request of both partisan and non-partisan candidates wishing to seek our support for their candidacy.  “Support” merely involves use of our office, voter resources, distribution of literature and yard signs, and access to any training we provide.

The race for the 89th Assembly seat vacated by John Nygren has five Republican candidates in the race.  Four have reached out to our Candidate Committee. Three of the five met with and completed the necessary paperwork and interview process. Additionally, two others reached out but did not complete the process to gain our support.  As a result of the candidates aforementioned actions, we provided support to two of the candidates and advised the other how they could earn our support.

While the Republican Party of Brown County provides multiple candidates “support,” and often for the same seat, it is not to be confused as an endorsement of their candidacy.  It is the policy of the Republican Party of Brown County to NOT endorse any candidate before a contested primary.

Therefore, we encourage the voters in the 89th assembly district to get out for the primary on February 16th and vote for their candidate.  We wish all the best to each of the candidates and look forward to keeping this seat red in the general election on April 6, 2021!

James "Fitz" Fitzgerald