Republican Party of Brown County (RPBC)


From the Chairman...

On behalf of the Republican Party of Brown County, I would like to thank our members and volunteers for all the time and talent put forth in the 2020 election cycle. Whether you signed a nomination form, placed a yard sign, wrote a campaign donation, made a call, or knocked on a door, your efforts led to an outstanding election for Candidates up and down the ballot in Northeastern Wisconsin!

With your help, we defended the 8th Congressional District contributing to Congressman Mike Gallagher’s record win with 58% of the vote.  Turning to our legislative races, we not only defended our legislative seats, but Eric Wimberger picked up the long-coveted 30th Senate seat, and Drew Kirsteatter, in his first run for public office, just missed picking up the 90th Assembly seat.  Congratulations to State Senator Rob Cowles (2nd SD), State Representatives Shae Sortwell , (2nd AD), David Steffen, (4th AD), Jim Steineke, (5th AD), Gary Tauchen, (6th AD), John Macco , (88th AD), and John Nygren, (89th AD), on their reelection!

At the County level, District Attorney David Lasee, County Treasurer Paul Zeller, and Register of Deeds Cheryl Berken ran unopposed returning to their respective positions for another term.  Brown County Clerk Candidate Patrick Moynihan Jr. also ran unopposed and will replace retiring Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno.  We thank Sandy for her years of service to Brown County protecting and defending the integrity of the ballot box, chief among her many duties. 

Speaking of “integrity of the ballot box,” the Presidential election as of this writing is in question. We, Brown County, gave everything we had to re-elect President Trump.  Free and fair elections are fundamental and essential to ensuring a democracy of, by, and for the people.  We the people – not the media – will ultimately decide the winner of the Presidential election.  We pray for an honest account of this election in all states.

As we look to the future, we do so with great hope and optimism.  The strength of our party has never been better. We grew by over 200 members in 2020 alone and are financially able to strengthen our technology and improve our voter data and data mining capabilities. We will move to our new location at 1780 Allouez Avenue and hold a series of coffees to introduce our members to our new home.  Our Annual Caucus is set for January 23rd with a snow date of January 26th.  Watch our Facebook page (Link Here) for details.

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