Victories in Primary!

Congratulations! to our Conservative Candidates for their victories in the primary elections! Your hard work and dedication have brought us one step closer to the goals of keeping Brown County RED. Now, as we gear up for the general election on April 2, it's crucial that we stay focused and energized.

As a state, we've seen the impact of low turnout of conservative voters firsthand: last spring, our state faced a disaster with the Supreme Court loss that has now led to Democrat gerrymandered redistricting. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of every single voter. We cannot afford to sit back and let others decide our future.  If we don't have every conservative vote, our city and county could face the same fate as Portland or San Francisco.  Your vote matters!

These candidates need YOUR SUPPORT, and there is so much you can do to help ensure your conservative way of life is safe for your future and the next generation!  Please consider being a volunteer to help all the wonderful conservative local, state and national candidates, in the April, August and November elections.  Call 920-430-2005 to Volunteer, Donate, Join, or Attend our Lincoln Reagan Dinner.   

Please stay tuned for a Spring Voter Guide with a break down of candidates that align with Conservative values.  Contact RBPC for more information on how to help these local Conservatives in their efforts to Keep Brown County RED!

Let's work hard, stay united, and ensure that the Conservative Candidates win in the general election.