Statement on Congressman Mike Gallagher

Earlier we released the following statement: "The Republican Party of Brown County is profoundly disappointed with Congressman Mike Gallagher’s recent decision to resign from Congress effective in April. While we are still working through the legal and procedural issues arising from the timing of this decision, we urge Congressman Gallagher to serve out his term and fulfill the promises he made to his constituents who elected him."

We would like to expand on this further. 

We share our members' anger with Congressman Gallagher, and we have expressed this to him directly.  However, it is vital that we not let our short-term anger deter us from seeking a strong conservative candidate to represent our party and district.  Do not let this setback deter us from our ultimate goal in November!  

Keep in mind that his resignation leaves us with only two primary legal choices as we understand it.  If he resigns before the April deadline (right now), it would cause a Special Election Primary and a Special Election within approximately 8 weeks.  This would force our candidates and supporters to spend money and scramble to hold an election primary and general election over the next few weeks which we would not be assured of winning.  Such an outcome could literally grant control of the US Congress to the Democrats. Furthermore, we would then be asking our voters to vote yet again in an August primary and the November general election.  

If he resigns after the April deadline, the seat will simply remain vacant until the November election.

There are implications to these decisions that are being considered at the local and national level.  It is our view that the best outcome is for him to simply remain in office until the voters can replace him in the general election in November.

As you are weighing these options, please keep in mind that none of these choices are optimal and all contain risk.  But it is the reality of the situation he alone has caused. 

Again, we urge him to simply perform his duty and represent the 8th District until his term officially ends.