RNC August 9, 2023 Statement


RNC, RPW, and RITE PAC Move to Intervene in Wisconsin Election Integrity Lawsuit

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican National Committee (RNC), Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW), and RITE PAC moved to intervene in the Wisconsin election integrity case Priorities USA v. Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“Wisconsin election integrity is under attack from far left dark-money groups bent on destroying basic voting safeguards, so the RNC, RPW, and RITE are legally intervening to ensure that Wisconsinites can have faith in their election process. As Democrats compete to see who can launch the most self-serving and frivolous attack on election integrity, Republicans remain committed to protecting your vote in the Badger State and nationwide.” – RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

"Despite the schemes of overtly far-left groups like Law Forward and the Elias Group, the Republican Party of Wisconsin will continue to ensure Wisconsin voters have full confidence in our elections. While Democrats attempt to undo common sense voting measures like requiring witness signatures on absentee ballots, we will continue to fight back against Democrat efforts to undermine safeguards every step of the way. Having safeguards in our elections should be a bipartisan issue; Wisconsinites in every corner of the state want fair and transparent elections." — RPW Chairman Brian Schimming


  • Democrats have suffered numerous election law losses in Wisconsin over the past year, and this newest lawsuit is a cynical attempt to stop their downward spiral.
  • Marc Elias is partnering with far-left dark money groups to try and get rid of basic, common-sense election safeguards that the majority of folks support. 
    • This is the kind of self-serving legal chicanery that led the White House to cut ties with  Elias. As one of Biden’s allies recently shared with the press, “[Elias] has created a legal strategy he has convinced people is a political strategy, that it is actually a business strategy.”
  • Specifically, this lawsuit wants to get rid of witnesses for signing an absentee ballot, destroy basic deadlines to cure ballots, and flood the state with unmonitored absentee ballot drop boxes.
  • Democrats think that the recent election of a liberal Supreme Court justice in Wisconsin means that they can throw precedent and the rule of law out the window.
  • Wisconsinites deserve basic election integrity, not out-of-state dark money groups trying to make voting less secure and less transparent. The RNC has defeated these same lawyers bringing similar cases in other states. 
  • When it comes to election law, Democrats have no substance to stand on, just hysterical left-wing talking points. Last cycle, the RNC and its partners secured numerous key election law wins in Wisconsin, including:
    • Teigen vs. Wisconsin Elections Commission, which banned ballot drop boxes and restricted ballot harvesting.
    • White vs. Wisconsin Elections Commission, which banned clerks from completing witness signature requirements that voters have to do themselves
    • DeLorey vs. City of Green Bay, which protected access for Republican election observers
  • Instead of competing fair and square at the ballot box, Democrats are trying to undo these decisions and destroy the rules of the road before 2024.
  • The RNC is involved in 50 active election integrity lawsuits in 16 states and will continue to fight Democrat election schemes in courtrooms across the country.

Read the RNC’s full intervention here.