Response to Rep Gallagher's Mayorkas Impeachment Vote






The Republican Party of Brown County has had numerous requests to provide a statement regarding Representative Gallagher's recent vote on impeachment proceedings.  We have issued the following statement:

The Republican Party of Brown County is deeply concerned about Representative Gallagher's decision, in light of the substantive impeachment articles and Representative Gallagher's own acknowledgment that Secretary Mayorkas "is faithfully implementing the president’s ruinous policies, which are contributing to immense human suffering, placing a massive financial burden on states and cities, and threatening our national security." (click for Gallagher statement).

While we acknowledge Representative Gallagher’s apprehension regarding impeachment's misuse as a tool for settling policy disputes, as often seen from the Democrats, we believe a vote for impeachment serves as a powerful affirmation of our members’ grave concerns about the federal government’s dereliction of duty.

We respectfully call on Representative Gallagher to reconsider his stance on this important issue and to continue his vital efforts to secure our nation’s border.