Letter from Chairman on Spring Election

I want to thank all of our preferred candidates and volunteers for the incredible work you've done during the April election. Zuckerbucks was defeated by state referendum, and despite disappointments in several races in Green Bay, we had numerous gains in the rest of Brown County. 

Our efforts to support local candidates were vigorous.  Our Spring Voter Guide became an important aide to our members and Republicans throughout the county who rightfully struggle to get meaningful information about local candidates.  The late spring storm emphasized the need for an “all the above” approach and taking advantage of early in-person and absentee voting so that a random event doesn’t affect turnout.    

As we analyze this spring election, it’s important to realize how much time, effort, and money go into supporting local candidates.  We are fighting against out-of-state Democrat donors, organizations, and national PACs who are trying to take over Brown County and the rest of the country.  They are outspending us by orders of magnitude, and as most of us know, our local media is often very biased against us.  We simply cannot keep Brown County Red without the help of volunteers and donors.  I implore you to get involved with RPBC, join or renew your membership, come to our events, and offer to help in any way you can. 

Those of you who attended our recent sold-out Lincoln Reagan Dinner or went to the incredible Trump rally know how many enthusiastic, devoted patriots there are in our community.  It’s time to channel that enthusiasm into political action! 

Now we will pivot to the state legislative races, the 8th District congressional, the US Senate, and of course, the presidential race.  Only with your help and support can we defend our country from the radical forces of evil and flourish in freedom and peace. 


Doug Reich, Chairman
Republican Party of Brown County