Letter from Chairman Rich Heidel

Fellow Republicans:

This is an update from my previous letter to include recognition of Dr. Patti Schick for her matchless contributions to the RPBC as a former executive committee member. “Dr. Patti” most notably contributed with the Party’s approach to the Covid outbreak, as well as her work with various Republican women’s organizations. For this oversight, I confess “mea culpa” and extend expressions of immense gratitude on behalf of the RPBC executive committee for her service and for that of our other former committee members. Please read on….

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This letter is long overdue. It’s been a grueling five weeks since the caucus. As I stated at the January 28th caucus, our primary goal is to win elections – partisan and nonpartisan alike. With that in mind, I first want to address this April 4th election which is staring us in the face.

My history as an Army officer often enlightens my approach to life’s challenges. Whether we realize it or not, we’ve received battlefield commissions and have ALREADY been thrust into two raging battles: the race for Wisconsin’s supreme court’s open seat and the race for Green Bay’s mayoral office. As a swing county, Brown County must deliver a minimum 57% vote count for Justice Dan Kelly in the State’s supreme court race and at least 51% of Green Bay’s mayoral vote for Chad Weininger. A loss of the state supreme court’s open seat not only jeopardizes ten years’ of successes such as right to work, Act 10, concealed carry, lower taxes, and so forth, but, more frighteningly, our very fundamental Constitutional rights themselves such as the right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and 2nd Amendment. As conservatives, we’ve typically voted on Election Day itself – not during election “season”. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be problematic in extremely close elections. Why? There have been enough Republican voters, who on Election Day, have broken their leg, had to attend a funeral, forgot to vote, took ill at home, lost heart with biased media election coverage, etc. Thus, as RPW Chairman Brian Schimming has said, “The one thing I hate more than early voting is losing!” Early voting is legal and a tool that the Democrats have been using - we’re fools not to use it ourselves! Early voting starts on March 21st.

Secondly, we’ve started a new chapter in our RPBC. I first want to thank the previous executive committee for their commitment to the Party. A special thanks to Jim Fitzgerald, Hans Schaupp, Pitter Martinez, and Tony Yaggie for their unswerving dedication over the years to the RPBC. I look forward to these longtime members continuing to be an important part of our Party. Their contributions to the exceptional branding of the RPBC has been immeasurable!

“Hats off!” to the Party members who participated in the January caucus. Change is inevitable in every organization, and this was the first time in which so many participated in the process. We have several new executive committee members to start the term and we hope to see new members participating in RPBC events and activities, such as:

  • Participating in “Super Saturdays” on March 18th, 25th, and April 1st to turn out the vote. Training and camaraderie are part of the program!
  • Supporting allied events in the area such as nationally renowned and high-energy conservative speaker Scott Pressler’s appearances on March 23rd thru 26th at UWGB, SNC, and D2 Sports Pub in Hobart & school choice forums in local venues, as well as other topics and venues.
  • Membership forums on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the RPBC headquarters.
  • New fund-raising and social events like the May 21st Riverside dinner & musical entertainment evening.
  • Building on last year’s golf outing’s success with our second annual golf outing scheduled for June 23rd .

There will be more to come later in the year as well! We’ll also be setting up committees and looking for members to populate those committees.

We’re blessed by living where we do and by the people in our lives. Like any family, we’ve had disagreements, but I respectfully ask that we put aside any issues with past members and work towards a common goal for our children, grandchildren, and our common future. It’s time to come together and work. We’re all creatures of God’s love. If He can love and forgive every one of us, then who are we not to?

Leading by serving / serving by leading,

Rich Heidel

RPBC Chairman