Follow-up to De Pere School Flag Policy Hearing

Thanks to our many members and supporters who came to the Unified School District of De Pere's public hearing to speak in favor of a proposed policy to limit the flags displayed at the school.  We believe in education, not indoctrination!  

In a public school, which caters to students from different religious and family backgrounds, we believe it is inappropriate to favorably or unfavorably represent any political or religious ideology. Furthermore, matters that go beyond the basic educational mission, particularly
issues as complex as sexual identity or political activism, are the province of the child's parents, family, or medical providers. Finally, upholding neutrality should not be mischaracterized as discriminatory in the same way that those objecting to a particular religious flag should not be regarded as discriminatory. There is a long legal tradition pertaining to advocacy in public school settings, where the courts and most Americans have chosen neutrality over bias.

The Board tabled the issue for now but will reconsider it during it's September meeting.  Please let your School District know how you feel.  

Link to the NBC interview: