The Republican Party of Brown County is outraged by the recent decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reinstate ballot boxes. This ruling undermines the integrity of our elections and blatantly disregards the laws designed to ensure a secure and transparent voting process. It also demonstrates the overt political bias of the liberal majority as they have overturned the same court's ruling from only 2 years ago when the majority wrote: “…ballot drop boxes are illegal under Wisconsin statutes. An absentee ballot must be returned by mail or the voter must personally deliver it to the municipal clerk at the clerk’s office or a designated alternate site.”

Ballot boxes compromise the fundamental principle of chain of custody, which is essential for maintaining the security and reliability of our votes. The use of ballot boxes introduces significant risks, including the potential for tampering and fraud, which erode public trust in our electoral system.

Wisconsin voters must question why liberals would insist on the use of ballot boxes when it is already easy for voters to vote in person or to mail in their ballots. This insistence only raises suspicions about their motives. Why push for a method that introduces unnecessary risks when secure alternatives are readily available?

We agree with Rep. Tom Tiffany' statement:  “Just after Wisconsinites voted overwhelmingly to bolster election integrity in the state, the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to overturn a previous precedent they set, effectively legalizing anonymous ballot box stuffing. This decision not only opens the door to potentially fraudulent activities but also undermines the expressed desires of Wisconsin voters.”

The Republican Party of Brown County will continue to fight for fair and secure elections.