Poll Observers Needed For Election Days in 2018

Can you give a few hours of your time on election day?

A poll observer is a representative of a candidate, political party, civic organization or proposition who is legally in the polling place to observe the conduct of the election. Election observation is a valuable tool for improving the quality of elections, watching for fraud, and helping the Republican candidates win. Observers help build public confidence in the honest of the electoral process.

The Republican Party of Brown County is seeking volunteers who, on election day, can spend a few hours of their time at polling stations. All volunteers must attend a two-hour poll observer training program. Poll observers representing the party should be a party member. You will receive detailed instructions and materials at the training. You will also be assigned a polling location and a letter indicating you represent the party.

The BCGOP will be conducting training at various times during the year. We can also do a one-on-one session to accommodate your schedule. Volunteer training is traditionally held at our office at 1915 S. Webster Ave in Allouez.

If you are interested in becoming a poll observer or would like more information, please send an email to pollworkers@bcrepublicans.net or call our office at 920-430-2005.