Help Us Reach Our Winning Goal in 2020!

The Republican Party of Brown County has set an aggressive grassroots strategy for the 2020 election cycle. Our winning strategy is dependent on some critical needs, (itemized below) being met. These items are above and beyond our normal operating expenses. We need your help to raise $35,000 to make Wisconsin red again!

Additional Office Space - While we have been blessed with the resources to maintain a year-round office, The Republican Party of Wisconsin no longer has an office here. Therefore, we lack enough space to accommodate the significant increase in volunteers for President Trump’s reelection as well as many state and local elections. There is additional space available in the building that we would like to lease for 10 months ($14,400) provided we can raise the funds.

Office Assistant - We would like to hire an office assistant for a period of time to help ensure our office maintains regular office hours and runs efficiently and can support the administrative and social media needs we face. We estimate an expense of $15,600.

High Speed Internet & Commercial Grade Printer – We have an immediate need for a high-end commercial printer used to print door-knocking lists for volunteers, communications, newsletters, etc. We have survived on inexpensive printers with limited functionality, but this has led to an expensive line item in our budget. We estimate $5,000 to purchase with a service contract.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of $35,000 to support all of our candidates. We thank you for your consideration. All eyes will be on Wisconsin in 2020; let’s show them what happens when the blue wave crashes into the red wall. Can you help us today?


James Fitzgerald Chair 


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City: _____________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________
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*For donations >$100, WI State Law requires us to report this information

Return to: Republican Party of Brown County, PO Box 5202, De Pere, WI 54115

Authorized by the Republican Party of Brown County, Don VandeYacht, Treasurer