Dear Members and Friends,

Our new membership year begins August 1.  It is time to renew your membership or become a member of our county party. You can sign up or renew online on the membership section of this website.

Why renew or become a member?

We had quite the successful year here in Brown County.

 Over this past year, our county party played a key role in the election victories.  Highlights include:

  • There were more people that voted in Brown County in this election than any other time in history.
  • President Trump won by 11% of votes, U.S. Senator Johnson 16% and Congressman Gallagher 22%.  We re-elected State Senator Cowles and all our legislators.  We added the Register of Deeds to the list of Republican seat holders.  We now have every Brown County seat in Republican hands. 
  • We sponsored viewing parties for televised debates, hosted candidate forums, and provided volunteer support for two Trump rallies.
  • We had visibility in the community by keeping our office open six days per week during the election season and now five days per week.
  • We focused on community outreach to all populations.  Most recently, a Young Republicans chapter was established.

We are preparing for 2018.  This will be a challenging year for our party and the work has already begun.  We are already focusing on the following:

  • Keeping all our county and state elected positions
  • Defeating U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin
  • Adding a seat in the 90th
  • Reelecting Governor Walker
  • Reelecting Congressman Mike Gallagher

Can we do this?  YES!  We did it in 2016.  We can do it again. We need your continued support and volunteer hours to make it happen. 

 For timely announcements of events and news, be sure to like our Facebook page (Brown County Republican Party) or follow us on Twitter @BCWIGOP.  

Thank you for your dedication and continued support of the Republican Party of Brown County.  We cannot do it without your help and support.


 Marian Krumberger, Chair