Brown County Republicans Hold Highly Successful Annual Caucus

Not even a blustery day accompanied by a polar vortex could hold back the enthusiasm of Brown County Republican caucus goers at their annual meeting Saturday January 26th! 

Immediate past Chair, Marian Krumberger greeted the party faithful and thanked committee members and volunteers on another solid year at the grassroots level. As testament to their good work, all state candidates except for the U.S. Senate, won Brown County. Caucus goers celebrated Andre Jacques retake of the 1st Senate seat, reversing the outcome of the special election; a true grassroots victory.

The caucus heard from State Supreme Court Candidate, Judge Brian Hagedorn who shared his commitment to the rule of law. “I will interpret statutes and the constitution as they were written and apply the law fairly and evenly to everyone.”

As a key order of official business Caucus goers elected a new leadership team for the party as follows:
• Chairman – James Fitzgerald
• First Vice Chair – Andy Williams
• Second Vice Chair – Rich Heidel (Inactive, 2-5-2019 - On extended leave of absence)
• Treasurer – Don Vande Yacht
• Secretary – Jean Weinshel
• Ken Hager
• Evan Hucek
• Zack Olson
• Patricia Schick, MD

Newly elected Chair, Fitzgerald shared his vision for the future of the local party outlining his objectives. “We are built on a strong foundation committed to the election of candidates who share our conservative values and principles.” He went on to lay out the importance of building on our grassroots objectives and expanding our membership to mirror our electorate. He closed by inviting volunteers to get involve in committees and engage like-minded friends and neighbors in efforts that will sustain and grow our party.

Eighth District Congressman Mike Gallagher closed the caucus by providing three challenges we can all embrace to grow our ranks and spread our conservative message. He stressed the importance of positivity when communicating our values and principles.