Friends –

The Republican Party of Brown County participated in the 8th district caucus as well as the RPW state convention at the Wisconsin Dells. 

Even though this is not an election year, your local party is planning and laying the groundwork for our elections next year.  We had a great election night last November and we want to see wins continue in the future. We are pleased with the location and visibility of our office and have a strong volunteer staff that has been keeping the office open 5 days per week.  We plan to participate in parades, fairs and events this summer.  This will help us expand and send our message to more people in Brown County.

But we need your help.  Not only do we need volunteers, we also need your ongoing financial support to keep us moving forward.  WE NEED YOU AS A MEMBER! 

Please click on the “membership” tab above and enroll or renew. Benefits for each membership level is also detailed.

Our membership year runs from August 1 to July 31 of the following year.  If you are already a member, thank you.  You will be receiving you renewal notice in the next month.  If you join or renew your membership today (or anytime after the State GOP convention which was held May 12) your membership is good until August 1, 2018.    

Please consider stepping up to another member category and taking advantage of the additional benefits.  Your donation is needed to continue winning.  Your dollars along with the great efforts of our volunteers made November 2016 happen.  Please help us continue to grow and win elections.

Marian Krumberger