Republican Party of Brown County Annual Caucus

January 25, 2020
10:00 am
1915 South Webster Avenue

Guest Speakers: Congressman Mike Gallagher
Kelly Ruh – 8th District Chairwoman and Member of State Executive Board

Fellow Brown County Republicans-

Welcome to 2020 and the Republican Party of Brown County Annual Caucus.

The agenda will include a general update on the Brown County Party. The update will include the reading and approval of the minutes from our January 2019 Caucus, financial and membership reports. There will be an update on the 8th district caucus the state party and state convention in Green Bay as well as election for delegates for the 8th district and state convention. Enclosed is a recommendation on the vote for these delegates.

The State Convention is in Green Bay May 15-17. This will be a great opportunity to support the party and President Donald J Trump. Watch for exciting details on Keynote Speakers! Become a delegate and participate.

D 8th district caucus will be held on April 18, 2019 in Kimberly at Liberty Hall. If you are interested in becoming a delegate for either event, please contact the office (920-430-2005) and leave your name and number or sign up at our caucus.

As our constitution dictates, one must be a member 10 days prior to the county caucus to vote (January 15). You must be a member of the county party at the time of the county caucus (January 25) to be a delegate at either the 8th district caucus or the state convention. If you are receiving this letter, you are in good standing to vote at our caucus and become a delegate. If there is a county snow emergency in Brown County on January 25, we will be holding the caucus on Tuesday evening, January 28 at 6:30 pm at the office at 1915 South Webster.

On Behalf of the Executive Committee
James Fitzgerald – Chairman
Recommendation on Delegate Selection

The executive committee also has a standing recommendation that the rules of the Brown County Constitution be suspended for voting for delegates to the 8th district caucus and the state convention. Instead of voting a roster of individual names at this caucus, there will be a motion to allow any member who is in good standing at the time of our county caucus be allowed to become a delegate up to the time of the opening gavel to either the 8th district caucus or the state convention. These members would be seated as delegates up to the 270 allowed delegates and the additional 270 alternates in the order as they signed up.