The Real Verdict is on November 5th!

This absurd show trial has now exposed, once and for all, the lengths the Democrats will go to silence, suppress, and even jail their political opponents. Unable to win in the court of public opinion, they turn to censorship and lawfare to silence dissent. But this should not be a surprise—it is the hallmark of socialism. The insane ideas and policies of the radical left will never be accepted by ordinary Americans, so they resort to force to retain power.

This kangaroo court verdict must now become a symbol for all Americans of the corrupt, immoral, and violent left-wing radicalism that has made its way from the ivory towers of American universities to our institutions and courthouses. If Americans do not unite to fight this corruption now, it will be the end of our country.

Any person who values democracy, justice, and the rule of law must do everything in their power to get President Trump elected and drain the swamp once and for all. The real verdict will be issued on November 5th