Being a member of the Republican Party of Brown County empowers you to actively participate in shaping the future of our community and country.  By continuing your membership, you contribute to the promotion of conservative values, support local candidates who align with these principles, and advocate for policies that strengthen our economy, security, and individual freedoms.  Your involvement helps ensure fair elections, fosters community engagement, and provides opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. 

As we approach the renewal period for your membership with The Republican Party of Brown County, we would like to take a moment to highlight the vital work your support makes possible as we strive to keep Brown County Red:

Supporting Local Candidates:  

Candidate Recruitment - Identify and recruit qualified individuals to run for local office
Campaign Assistance - Provide strategic guidance, campaign planning, and resources to candidates
Voter Guide – Assemble and publicize lists of preferred local candidates and referendum guidance
Fundraising – We must compete with Democrats who are pouring money into local races
Voter Registration Drives - Conduct initiatives to register new voters

Championing Election Integrity: 

Poll Monitoring - Recruit and train poll watchers to ensure legal voting practices are followed
Educational Campaigns - Inform public about voting and the importance of legal election practices
Advocacy - Support policies and legislation that enhance election security and transparency

Hosting Events: 

Forums – Events where candidates, elected officials, and thought leaders interact with constituents
Community Engagement - Social and community service events to increase our visibility and involvement
Fundraisers - Organize events to raise money for our activities and candidates

Staffing a Full-Time Office:  

Resource Center - Provide materials, information, and support for our members and candidates Administrative Support - Manage daily operations, including communication, scheduling, and financial management for the party
Volunteer Coordination - Recruit, train, and organize volunteers for various activities
Outreach Center - Serve as a point of contact for constituents seeking information or assistance

Additional Activities:

Communication - Manage social media, newsletters, and press releases to keep the public informed
Coalition Building - Collaborate with other organizations and groups to broaden our support and resources
Policy Development - work on local policy proposals and platforms that reflect the party's values and goals


Join us to be a part of the change you wish to see and help build a stronger, more prosperous America.


Doug Reich, Chairman

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