Message from Senator Ron Johnson

Dear conservatives of Wisconsin,

Think of the most important conservative policy initiatives that have been enacted over the last few decades in Wisconsin - welfare reform, Act 10, and Right to Work to name just a few - and then realize they could all be repealed by judicial fiat if Justice Dan Kelly does not win the upcoming election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Basic protections for unborn children would also be at grave risk

Unfortunately, the radical left has targeted our Supreme Court election and is pouring millions of dollars into our state to elect a radical left wing judicial activist. She must be defeated. We probably won’t be able to match the dollars flowing in, but we certainly have enough conservative voters to overwhelm the left’s efforts.

In April 2019, after the disappointing November, 2018 gubernatorial election loss, our conservative grassroots rose to the challenge and defeated another liberal Supreme Court candidate. We can do it again - we must do it again.

We won the April, 2019 election with a little over 600,000 votes. I won my 2022 reelection with over 1.3 million votes - 700,000 more votes than we garnered in 2019. So we know we have more than enough potential conservative votes to win the upcoming election. The only question is whether our county parties and conservative grass-root volunteers can raise awareness and sufficiently turn out the vote.

I am asking every conservative in the state of Wisconsin who understands how crucial the April election is to talk to every friend, neighbor, fellow worker, and family member and get them to vote for Dan Kelly. We are encouraging early voting and voting by absentee ballot. The more votes we log in prior to election day, the further our GOTV dollars will go to turn out the remaining vote on Election Day.

Thank you for all you have done, and will do, to win this crucial election.

Ron Johnson