Chairman Heidel: Vote on April 4th! It's Our Last Chance

Fellow Republicans:

On Friday afternoon, March 31, the program director for WISN Radio 1130 in Milwaukee announced that the Protasiewicz campaign made the biggest buy of radio time for spots in the history of the station. This huge buy of airtime is focused on conservative listeners, apparently with the strategy of frustrating, discouraging, suppressing, and/or confusing enough of Kelly's supporters with the vile “Dirty Dan” ads that they lose their motivation to get out and vote for Kelly tomorrow.

On no planet would I ever be mistaken for a pious man. Yet, yesterday on Palm Sunday, I couldn’t help but contemplate the atrocities which our Lord experienced. In the end - after his flogging, crowning with thorns, mockery, false accusations and condemnation, friends’ betrayals, and finally, the nailing of his hands and feet to the wooden cross, he cries out: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

I share these two experiences of the last 72 hours because of one theme they both share: abandonment. With early voting behind us, tomorrow is our last remaining opportunity to vote, to be counted, and to “abandon abandonment”. Either turn off the radio, television, and internet or realize that you’re being played. Concealed carry, re-districting and national elections, CRT, Act 10 and higher taxes, the right to life, and rampant crime are just a few of the issues that will be determined in the outcome of the Kelly-Protasiewicz race.

If you’ve only voted in November elections in the past, then it’s time you understand spring elections are JUST as important. This is as much a plea for our futures and Constitutional rights as it is a plea for Kelly and Weininger. It’s as if both Lady Liberty and Lady Justice are crying, “My protector, my protector, why would you forsake me?” We can’t abandon our responsibility as a conservative voter or as an American. We’re as much a patriot in April as we are in November!

As stated above, I’m no pious man. I’ll tell you how it is. If you don’t vote tomorrow, you’ve lost your privilege to revel in victory and bi**ch in defeat! There you have it.

Leading by serving / serving by leading,

Rich Heidel

RPBC Chairman