The Real Verdict is on November 5th!

This absurd show trial has now exposed, once and for all, the lengths the Democrats will go to silence, suppress, and even jail their political opponents. Unable to win in the court of public opinion, they turn to censorship and lawfare to silence dissent. But this should not be a surprise—it is the hallmark of socialism. The insane ideas and policies of the radical left will never be accepted by ordinary Americans, so they resort to force to retain power.

This kangaroo court verdict must now become a symbol for all Americans of the corrupt, immoral, and violent left-wing radicalism that has made its way from the ivory towers of American universities to our institutions and courthouses. If Americans do not unite to fight this corruption now, it will be the end of our country.

Any person who values democracy, justice, and the rule of law must do everything in their power to get President Trump elected and drain the swamp once and for all. The real verdict will be issued on November 5th


Flags for Heroes


Federal "Solution" to Federal Problem

Biden is sending his advisor to tout a federally funded affordable housing project.  Ironically, the only reason Green Bay residents are struggling to find affordable housing is because of Biden’s inflation. Since Biden took office, consumer prices are up 19%, gasoline is up 29%, and mortgage rates are up over 100%, while real weekly earnings have declined 3.4%.  The federal government’s out-of-control deficits have fueled this destructive inflation, and yet Biden and the partisan Democrat mayor of Green Bay believe we are gullible enough to celebrate their federally funded “solution” to their federally funded problem.   

To lower inflation and interest rates, the federal government needs to stop mortgaging our future by piling up debt that can never be repaid.    


Election Integrity Wisconsin


Letter from Chairman on Spring Election

I want to thank all of our preferred candidates and volunteers for the incredible work you've done during the April election. Zuckerbucks was defeated by state referendum, and despite disappointments in several races in Green Bay, we had numerous gains in the rest of Brown County. 

Our efforts to support local candidates were vigorous.  Our Spring Voter Guide became an important aide to our members and Republicans throughout the county who rightfully struggle to get meaningful information about local candidates.  The late spring storm emphasized the need for an “all the above” approach and taking advantage of early in-person and absentee voting so that a random event doesn’t affect turnout.    

As we analyze this spring election, it’s important to realize how much time, effort, and money go into supporting local candidates.  We are fighting against out-of-state Democrat donors, organizations, and national PACs who are trying to take over Brown County and the rest of the country.  They are outspending us by orders of magnitude, and as most of us know, our local media is often very biased against us.  We simply cannot keep Brown County Red without the help of volunteers and donors.  I implore you to get involved with RPBC, join or renew your membership, come to our events, and offer to help in any way you can. 

Those of you who attended our recent sold-out Lincoln Reagan Dinner or went to the incredible Trump rally know how many enthusiastic, devoted patriots there are in our community.  It’s time to channel that enthusiasm into political action! 

Now we will pivot to the state legislative races, the 8th District congressional, the US Senate, and of course, the presidential race.  Only with your help and support can we defend our country from the radical forces of evil and flourish in freedom and peace. 


Doug Reich, Chairman
Republican Party of Brown County


Statement on Congressman Mike Gallagher

Earlier we released the following statement: "The Republican Party of Brown County is profoundly disappointed with Congressman Mike Gallagher’s recent decision to resign from Congress effective in April. While we are still working through the legal and procedural issues arising from the timing of this decision, we urge Congressman Gallagher to serve out his term and fulfill the promises he made to his constituents who elected him."

We would like to expand on this further. 

We share our members' anger with Congressman Gallagher, and we have expressed this to him directly.  However, it is vital that we not let our short-term anger deter us from seeking a strong conservative candidate to represent our party and district.  Do not let this setback deter us from our ultimate goal in November!  

Keep in mind that his resignation leaves us with only two primary legal choices as we understand it.  If he resigns before the April deadline (right now), it would cause a Special Election Primary and a Special Election within approximately 8 weeks.  This would force our candidates and supporters to spend money and scramble to hold an election primary and general election over the next few weeks which we would not be assured of winning.  Such an outcome could literally grant control of the US Congress to the Democrats. Furthermore, we would then be asking our voters to vote yet again in an August primary and the November general election.  

If he resigns after the April deadline, the seat will simply remain vacant until the November election.

There are implications to these decisions that are being considered at the local and national level.  It is our view that the best outcome is for him to simply remain in office until the voters can replace him in the general election in November.

As you are weighing these options, please keep in mind that none of these choices are optimal and all contain risk.  But it is the reality of the situation he alone has caused. 

Again, we urge him to simply perform his duty and represent the 8th District until his term officially ends.  


Lincoln Reagan Dinner - The Event of the Season



April 2024 Spring Voter Guide


Find your polling location and sample ballot:

List of races and polling locations
City of Green Bay voter information and absentee / early in-person voting dates

*Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee. Preferred Candidates are not necessarily members of the Republican Party. Information was compiled using publicly available information.  While the candidates we prefer may not be affiliated with our party, we believe they have qualifications and values that are more aligned with ours compared to their opponent.  


Green Bay City Council District 1 Jennifer Grant Jennifer Grant
Green Bay City Council District 2 Andy Nicholson Andy Nicholson
Green Bay City Council District 4 Bill Galvin Bill Galvin
Green Bay City Council District 5 Robert Maccaux Robert Maccaux
Green Bay City Council District 6 Steven Campbell Steven Campbell
Green Bay City Council District 7 Adrian Liddicoat Adrian Liddicoat
Green Bay City Council District 8 Chris Wery Chris Wery
Green Bay City Council District 9 Brian Johnson  
Green Bay City Council District 10 Jeff Osborne Jeff Osborne
Green Bay City Council District 11 Melinda Eck Melinda Eck
Green Bay City Council District 12 Bobby Lindsey Bobby Lindsey
Brown County Supervisor District 3 Andy Nicholson Andy Nicholson
Brown County Supervisor District 5 Dan Theno  
Brown County Supervisor District 6 Steven Campbell Steven Campbell
Brown County Supervisor District 14 Nick Dagneau Nick Dagneau
Brown County Supervisor District 18 Katie McDonald Katie McDonald
Brown County Supervisor District 23 Dixon Wolfe Dixon Wolfe
Brown County Supervisor District 24 Vanya Koepke Vanya Koepke
Unified School District of De Pere Scott Hemauer &
Joel Neuville,
Vote For Both
Scott Hemauer
Joel Neuville
Green Bay Area Public School District Alex Mineau &
Andrew Becker,
Vote for Both

Alex Mineau,
Andrew Becker 

Howard-Suamico School District Vanessa Moran &
Greg Klimek,
Vote for Both


Wrightstown Community School District
Michael Mollen &
Anthony Decker,
Vote For Both


Pulaski Community School District Steve Liegl Steve Liegl
School District of Denmark Katie Rabenhorst  
Village of Suamico Trustee Michelle Eckert  
Village of Bellevue Trustee John Sinkler John Sinkler
Village of Wrightstown Trustee Julie Sigmund  
Ledgeview Town Board of Supervisors

Joseph G. Backmann &
Mark Danen,
Vote For Both

Mark Danen
Village of Allouez Trustee Raymond Maxwell  



State of Wisconsin Question 1

YES Do Not Allow "Private funds in election administration"

State of Wisconsin Question 2

YES Only "Election officials" can conduct elections, not private parties

Unified School District of De Pere

NO Allow De Pere to exceed the revenue limit by $4,750,000 per year for five years

**See here for full text of Referendum questions


Victories in Primary!

Congratulations! to our Conservative Candidates for their victories in the primary elections! Your hard work and dedication have brought us one step closer to the goals of keeping Brown County RED. Now, as we gear up for the general election on April 2, it's crucial that we stay focused and energized.

As a state, we've seen the impact of low turnout of conservative voters firsthand: last spring, our state faced a disaster with the Supreme Court loss that has now led to Democrat gerrymandered redistricting. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of every single voter. We cannot afford to sit back and let others decide our future.  If we don't have every conservative vote, our city and county could face the same fate as Portland or San Francisco.  Your vote matters!

These candidates need YOUR SUPPORT, and there is so much you can do to help ensure your conservative way of life is safe for your future and the next generation!  Please consider being a volunteer to help all the wonderful conservative local, state and national candidates, in the April, August and November elections.  Call 920-430-2005 to Volunteer, Donate, Join, or Attend our Lincoln Reagan Dinner.   

Please stay tuned for a Spring Voter Guide with a break down of candidates that align with Conservative values.  Contact RBPC for more information on how to help these local Conservatives in their efforts to Keep Brown County RED!

Let's work hard, stay united, and ensure that the Conservative Candidates win in the general election. 


Pints & Politics - Celebrating Black History Month


2024 Spring Primary Voter Guide

Primary Election Day: February 20th, 2024

*Green Bay early in-person voting dates at the Green Bay clerk's office, 100 N. Jefferson Street:
2/12 to 2/14: 8am to 4:30 pm
2/15: 8 am to 9 pm
2/16: 8 am to 5 pm

Find your polling location and sample ballot:

List of Brown County polling locations and races

The Republican Party of Brown County Preferred Candidates

City of Green Bay -Alderperson District 11 - Wards 41-44: *Melinda Eck

City of Green Bay -Alderperson District 10 - Wards 37-40: *Jeff Osborne

City of Green Bay -Alderperson District 6 - Wards 20-22: *Steve Campbell

Brown County Supervisor - District 6 - Wards 20-23: *Steve Campbell

*Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee. Preferred Candidates are not necessarily members of the Republican Party. Information was compiled using publicly available information.      


Response to Rep Gallagher's Mayorkas Impeachment Vote






The Republican Party of Brown County has had numerous requests to provide a statement regarding Representative Gallagher's recent vote on impeachment proceedings.  We have issued the following statement:

The Republican Party of Brown County is deeply concerned about Representative Gallagher's decision, in light of the substantive impeachment articles and Representative Gallagher's own acknowledgment that Secretary Mayorkas "is faithfully implementing the president’s ruinous policies, which are contributing to immense human suffering, placing a massive financial burden on states and cities, and threatening our national security." (click for Gallagher statement).

While we acknowledge Representative Gallagher’s apprehension regarding impeachment's misuse as a tool for settling policy disputes, as often seen from the Democrats, we believe a vote for impeachment serves as a powerful affirmation of our members’ grave concerns about the federal government’s dereliction of duty.

We respectfully call on Representative Gallagher to reconsider his stance on this important issue and to continue his vital efforts to secure our nation’s border.



For more pictures, see our Facebook page, here

To Volunteer, click here.


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Pints & Politics - November recap


The Tree From Hell


Evidently, the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay is displaying a satanic tree as part of its "Festival of Trees" exhibit sponsored by Amerhart company in Green Bay.

While we staunchly defend any private organization's First Amendment free speech right, given that the National Railroad Museum is funded in part by state tax dollars, how is this exhibit not a violation of Constitutional prohibitions on public religious displays? Moreover, how is it conceivable that the Museum's directors and sponsors consider this to be an appropriate exhibit in a railroad museum visited by families during the Christmas holiday season?

We are reaching out to the Museum's board of directors, Amerhart, and our state and local representatives to get clarification on this matter, and we encourage our members to do the same.

National Railroad Museum

(800)236-2211 or (920)494-4744



Doug Reich, Chairman


Thanksgiving 2023

As we gather this Thanksgiving, I want to express our gratitude for each of you who contribute to the strength and unity of our conservative community. In a time of unending assaults on our precious liberty and our basic American values, your dedication to our shared values has been a beacon of hope.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let's reflect on the principles that bind us—dedication to freedom, and the belief that, despite these grave challenges, America remains the greatest nation on earth.  

Wishing you and your loved ones a Thanksgiving filled with warmth, gratitude, and the optimism that comes from knowing we are all part of the timeless battle for freedom and peace.  

With appreciation,

Doug Reich, Chairman

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