These are the Republican candidates in the Tuesday, November 8, 2022 election:

United States
Senate Ron Johnson (I)
House of Represenatives, 8th District Mike Gallagher (I)
State of Wisconsin
Governor Tim Michels
Lt. Governor Roger Roth
Attorney General Eric Toney
Treasurer John Leiber
Secretary of State Amy Laudenbeck
Senate, Dist 1 Andre Jacque (I)
Assembly, Dist 1 Joel Kitchens (I)
Assembly, Dist 2 Shae Sortwell (I)
Assembly, Dist 4 David Steffen (I)
Assembly, Dist 5 Joy Goeben
Assembly, Dist 88 John Macco (I)
Assembly, Dist 89 Elijah Behnke (I)
Assembly, Dist 90 Micah Behnke
Brown County
Sheriff Todd Delain (I)
Clerk of Courts John A. VanderLeest (I)


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