Have you ever considered running for office? The Brown County Republican Party is looking for candidates for the 2018 elections.    We are actively searching for school board candidates, county board, city and municipal council seats, legislative, county wide seats, state senate and others.  To speak privately with our Candidate Committee Chairman, Rich Heidel, please email rich@bcrepublicans.net.  The committee members can answer your questions and help you make a informed decision.

Want to learn what it takes to win and elected seat?  The Republican Party of Brown County and the Republican Party of Wisconsin is sponsoring a candidate training on November 15, 2017 at 6:00pm.  To attend this event, you must be a member and preregistered with the candidate committee.  Please email rich@bcrepublicans.net or call our office at 920-430-2005 and leave your name and number. 


You can find additional information at the links below.

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB)

Brown County Clerk